Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spring Departure

Christmas is barely over, and we will soon celebrate the New Year, but Laura & I have been plotting and planning, developing our concept for Metis Spring for several months now. The change of the seasons and change in our home decor sometimes comes in stages. I suppose if you are super-organized you will swap out your decorations & accents all at once, but I tend to make the change more gradually. I found that I had somehow placed a pink candle in the crusty 19C candlestick, and tied it up with a vintage gold ric-rac to place on our Christmas coffee table. Hmm, a little foreshadowing?

I have had this chair for several months, and it keeps asking me for an overhaul:
It's horsehair and silk damask, very solid and heavy but worn to bits~

Still, I love the detail, the beading and the ribbonwork~
My favorite gold chair has also asked me to be reborn, and it's on my list too~
So, just what do we have in store for you for Spring? Oh you will only have to wait a few short weeks. I was a little mesmerized by the pink candle, staring at the perfection of it's color (it's by Point a la Ligne, Paris, thanks to my local hardware store). Laura & I are a little tired of too much neutral, and ready to give the red accents a rest for a time. Pink, yes, color will be great for Spring, especially after all this wintry weather~
We're thinking a little softness too. Something puffy, feminine, like a Macaroon. We love these from Loic in San Diego~
but maybe we will punch the color up a little. Oh's going to be more saturated, a little more yummy, in a rainbow of colors like these~
You will forget your winter doldrums when you see our Metis pieces for Spring. So back to work we go; stay tuned for our progress. A Very Happy Sunday to all~


Mom in High Heels said...

I look forward to changing my decor, but Jan is so hard. I'm actually thinking of driving to Paris to go flea marketing to look for inspiration. Wanna come?

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Looking forward to your new line...I will be ready for some color, everything is white here!