Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lovers in Love, Long Beach Style

There were no disappointments at the Metis Booth at the Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday.  Many shoppers commented on our sharp & pretty booth, sales were brisk, and wonderful connections were made.  Versus our usual neutral array of merchandise, Sunday was all about color, a small gift of warmth to all our Chers Amis living in colder climes.  Pink was our focus, and with Valentines Day approaching, we were on the lookout for Lovers in Love.  Tomorrow we will post shots of the booth and merchandise, but here today we show you a little Love from Long Beach, starting here with a romantic little bloomer set under a sun dress, yes it was a hot day~


The LA-area flea markets present perfect people-watching opportunities, shoppers who look distinctly “Los Angeles.”  This couple, for example, would they be found in Kansas City?  I was afraid to ask for a pic, and I was after a shot of those heels & seamed stockings anyway, juxtaposed by her burly man….


Or this couple; ok perhaps this fits a few other metro areas around the world….


this couple had a trolly full of black stuff; black antlers, black sheepskins.  Still very stylish, and there were very nice, LA store stylists.  It was only fitting to have a shot of them in front of the black & white awning stripe of our booth~


There were international shoppers too, who stood out in the crowd; this gentle couple is from Germany, and they left with some of our French merchandise~ 


These lovers have been dating long-distance for 13 years!  She lives in Japan; cool Batman shades, no?


Love comes in many forms, here two best girl friends out for their Sunday Flea shopping in retro clothes and hats~


And some Lovers were not in love with another person, they were in love with say, the Color Pink.  This shopper came with her mother and had a $10 budget.  She bought our little scooter for $5, to go with her totally pink wardrobe.  It was fun to see her ride off with a smile from ear to ear~


The scooter was actually a street find, discarded by someone after Christmas and had been spray painted black.  It became one of our presentation items, to display the Pantone Color of the Year, “Honeysuckle.”  This is the actual Pantone paint, and it sure does pack a punch, though it also perfectly matches the pink Cannes basket behind.   


There were plenty of true lovers in the crowd; these two~


And these two, awww~  


Check back tomorrow for our booth shots; here is a preview, our super egg painted, what else~ Pantone Pink! 


Au Revoir!


The Boston Lady said...

Oh my, what wonderful shots of the couples and people who stopped or strolled by. I am so excited to go to the Long Beach Market next summer. I will absolutely pitch a fit if I do not go there AND the Rose Bowl. What would make it most perfect is if you two were there too, but I know that timing is everything. Looking forward to seeing the booth. Ann

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I've just returned home from a hustle bustle and stressful day and I was delighted (no tickled pink he he) to see your post had gone up. Thanks for the visit, looking forward to some booth shots especially since I could see it in the background of a couple photos.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

What a perfect day for love! Can't wait to see the booth shots!

Oh! You can send some of that warmth and sunshine my way if you would like :)

Lou Cinda

Rachel Noelle said...

Awesome post!!!;) Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

eowiin said...

Ooooh ! i would love to go and see your stand !! eowiin