Thursday, February 17, 2011

French Fridays ~ Les Chiens de France & a Giveaway

Did you happen to catch any of the Westminster Kennel Club’s 2011 Dog Show this week? If you know me and Laura just a little you know that we are absolutely mad about our poochies! So, it only seems fitting this week to talk about les Chiens de la France
and have a fun little giveaway too….
What comes to mind at the mention of “French Dogs?”
Perhaps the iconic French preparing to dine on a morsel of Brie; the poodle may be a perfect representation of French…grace intelligence and style, in a dog suit~
poodle brie
Napoleon had a black poodle named Moustache, which would accompany him into battle. Moustache was decorated with a medal for his numerous heroics in the battles of Marengo, Austerlitz and Iena, including once crossing enemy lines to bring back the remains of le drapeau or flag. His name is also inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe. I understand that the remains of Moustache were stuffed by a taxidermist and now sit in Les Invalides in Paris. Unable to find a photo of this, I instead have a cute gravure to show you of Moustache being presented to Napoleon, executing his “jump over the sword” trick~
Besides poodles, the French have a great love of hunting dogs. This is one of my favorite dog paintings, by Constant Troyon (1810-1865). Troyon started as a painter of porcelain in Sevres, but became a fantastic Barbizon painter.
The breed here is called an Aregieous Hound~
As with this year’s winner of Westminster Kennel Club’s show, the Scottish Deerhound, the French use all sorts of dog breeds for hunting rabbits, fox, deer, pheasant and other game. Here, another painting by Troyon dated 1854, which is found in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris; in English we call it “the Game Keeper” but its French name is Garde-Chasse Arrete Pres de Ses Chiens.” "Game Keeper stopped near his dogs."
A beautiful painting showing the relationship between man and his dogs and Nature~
troyon gc2
Yes indeed, the French of all ages have a love affair with their dogs….
CDP little boy
{Paul & His Dog, Nadar (Gaspard Felix Tournachon) 1854}
Of France’s 8.1 million dogs, it seems many provide steady companionship to their owners rather than hunting or other utility functions~
CDP cig
{La Poet Jacques Prevert au Gueridon, Robert Doisneau 1955}
Does it seem that when life is tough, as it was post-War,
people cling to their beloved dogs for some cheer?~
CDP femme v {Avenue de Clichy, Edouard Boubat 1948}
One thing that can surely be said for the French, they have a low tolerance for ill-behaved dogs or children. Why does it seem that the dogs in France are much less hyper and more calm than many other places in the world? Even this little Jack Russell for sale at the Marche in Louhans last year, 9 months old and calm and sweet as could be…~
With dogs as with children, there is a certain social pressure that guides the French; keep your children and dogs under control, or you get nasty glaring looks from those around you. Are the French dogs bred to be calm, or do they just not tolerate any squirrely dogs?? There are very strict laws for any dogs showing sign of aggression; otherwise, dogs are allowed just about everywhere, in cafes, on the Metro. But not in the Louvre. And technically not in some food stores, though that is not strictly enforced as long as the dog behaves~
CDP resto
{Restaurant; David Seymour 1952}
To be sure, the French love to promenade with their dogs,
usually in style~
CDP borzoii
{Fevrier, Paris, Avenue du Bois du Boulogne, le Matin; Jacques Henri Lartigue 1912}
Laws regarding dogs on the street have started to change. In 1992 France instituted a Poop Law, requiring you to pick up after your dog. Plainclothes sanitation officers fanned out over the city, issuing citations. The French paid about as much attention to the law as they do to the parking regulations (that is, very little attention) and today you still see sanitation workers on their motorcyles ("motos") with suction hoses attached.
Et voila! Pas de Poop! Merde or crotte in French.
In Paris though you still see the signs; this one means Keep your Dog off the Sidewalk. At least if the dogs poop in the gutter, the motos or the street cleaners can get to it before someone steps in it~
CDP trotoir
This sign means "No Dogs, Even on a Leash."
You frequently see this on playgrounds or in some parks~
But do French dogs, which are informally called “toutou” ~ sort of like our word “doggy,” bark with a French accent? Bien Sur! A French dog does not say Woof Woof it says Wouah Wouah. A French cat by the way does not say Meow Meow it says Miam-Miam. And while we are on the vocabulary, a puppy is called a Chiot and a kitten is called a Chaton. Regardless of what they are called and what language they speak,
you can't help but love the personality of many French dogs!
CDP top hat
{Donio, Dresseur du Chien, Robert Doisneau 1946}
Most of the photos from this post are from a sweet little 8" square book called Les Chiens de Paris by Barnaby Conrad III. As a treat, we are offering a copy of this book to one of our Amis who leave a comment on this post.
What could be more French than a pair of French Bulldogs with fur collars?~
CDP frenchies
{Simone avec Lily et Zett, Avril 1913, Jacques Henri Lartigue}
You will love the cover alone;
a perfect French poodle again, ready for cafe~
CDP cover
{A La Terrasse des Deux Magots, Edouard Boubat, 1955}
Winner will be chosen by Random Number one week from today, next Friday; last entries midnight Thursday. To enter, please leave a comment on this post; you can comment on French dogs or tell us about your own dogs. Multiple entries are fine and will each be counted.

Bonne chance a tous~

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Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Andrea, I did notice how very well behaved the dogs are in France. We would see them at cafes sitting quitely. As a child I had a poodle named Romeo. He was quite a diva and required all the attention.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

That was fun. I like dogs more than most people. We lost our beloved Jake last summer and I still have his bed in the house. Miss him every day.

Flournoyfrance said...

Nothing could be more pleasing than to read about France & dogs!
Thank you for taking me on a Weekly trip to France.

Mom in High Heels said...

Indeed the dogs in France are very well behaved. I love how the people in Europe in general treat their dogs and take them everywhere. In Germany the dogs are far better behaved than the children (German children are very ill behaved, which I find surprising). Sadly, my own dogs (all 3 of them-a 4 lb Maltese, 12 lb pug and 14 lb Pekingese) are not as well behaved as the European dogs we see all the time. The Maltese can be easily controlled (he's 4 pounds!), but thinks he's a Rottweiler and likes to fuss at other dogs, even those who could eat him in one bite. :) The pug is better behaved than the others, but as she's still a pup, is unpredictable.
I LOVE the photos of the dogs in Paris. The first photo on the post in my favorite. A French Poodle at a cafe staring at what looks like Brie cheese. Parfait!

The Boston Lady said...

Oh this was a wonderful look at the French and their pups. I remember ages ago (in the late 60s) going to France with my parents and being amazed that dogs were allowed in the restaurants! Now we Americans allow it in some outdoor eateries. Fun for us dog-lovers. Thank you for a fun, historical, informative post. Ann

Karena said...

Andrea I so enjoyed this , all of the images are wonder, I have a little chaton now who says meom-meom. Miss Belle.

Many years my comapnions were two Scottish Terriers, Joey and Carole Anne!

Art by Karena

Jeannine said...

I enjoyed seeing the clever photos of man's companion. I have a mixed breed, German Shepherd and Husky. He is so well behaved but would certainly love to go to the cafe with me.

Bettyann said...

I am more of a cat person, but as a child had a loveable Irish Setter..he licked away many teenage tears..

Debbie said...

Maybe my pooch needs to go to France for some lessons in good behavior! Our boxer is the sweetest thing on the face of this earth, but she gets so exicted when people come over. She can't stop wiggling ;o)

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I don't trust people who don't love dogs. How could you not? We celebrated our Cappi's 14th birthday yesterday. We have enjoyed every minute of her life!

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Laura,

Okay, here's my entry and it's not for me, although I do love animals. It's for my sister and her husband, as they are all about the dogs, the cat's, the rat's, and so on. My sister's husband manages a pet resort in Fountain Hills, and my sister works there doing grooming, pet massage, and other miscellany. They also have 9 rescue dogs, 2 rescue cats and 4 rats. I think they would love this book.

Thanks for the opportunity.


Vickie H. said...

A completely DIVINE post!!!! As I hold my beloved Chihuahua, Carson, in my arms and type with one hand, I celebrate daily all the joy our dogs bring to our lives. Such a sweet giveaway. I am crossing my fingers that I win.

Marydon said...

G'morn, my precious friend ~
What a lovely share. You are so informative of subjects many wouldn't think to dwell on.

Yesterday on a cooking channel they had the theme of dogs to be created into cakes, life size. It was awesome, I was captured. They had some fabulous challenges in achieving these gorgeous cakes ... the Pointer was over the moon, but the French Poodle WON hands down. You'd have sworn it was a real pooch standing there.

I love cock-a-poo's ... I keep so toying myself in looking for a rescue darling, but haven't given in yet.

Thank you for your marvelous writes, Laura.

Hugs & love, Marydon

Rebecca said...

We have three dogs -rat terriers-they are a handful-but we don't have any children-so they're like our kids-sounds like a great book!

Curtains In My Tree said...

I have a roudy Pug Sissy is like a Jack Russell terrior. I have company and she is wound up.

I thought maybe because she is by herself so much any more since I went back to work part time and she was use to someone being home with her?

I love my doggy and will always have a dog


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful fur babies! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lisa said...

What a sweet post! We do love our pooches, don't we? My little cavalier king charles spaniel Sophie makes are lives so much fuller.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

My dog, Lady, is more important to me that most people :). She is a Shih Tzu and is black and white. She is there with me most of the time.
Enjoyed this post.

Auntie Em said...

Maybe our puppies like our children need more of our time and attention in North America so they can become better behaved. Sadly we seem to be far to busy to tend properly to either! Guidance not punishment make the difference.
Thank you for your amazing blog. :o)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh my yes, both Bobby G. and I were glued to the television for the dog show. As a married couple our first dog was a poodle, a little black one. She was as smart as a whip and so loved by the whole neighborhood. Someday I would love to have a standard poodle. I think they are so regal. Right now we have a very sweet, shy Golden Retriever. he's very behaved UNLESS he sees a squirrel :) And I agree with the French...well behaved children and dogs are a must! I would love to be entered in your give-away. Thank you and have a wonderful day. xo

Michaele said...

This is one of the best posts I have ever read! Thank you so much for writing it!

Nanniepannie said...

Enjoyed your post, and yes I saw most of the fact my link post to Angela was about Hickory...stop by and see me.

♥ Miss Tea said...

I enjoyed your post and I am a dog lover as well as cats, I used to have several dogs and cats although it's always heartbreaking to have to leave them when i move to other countries or when one of them died, I still can't help of having a dog or a cat or even a parrot to keep me company in foreign land. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! Love all the pictures, and it was fun learning the ways of the French and their dogs. :)
We have a little Yorkshire terrier/chihuaha mix (looks mostly like a yorky) named Ellie. She is so spoiled and loved. The only way I can get her to come to me is if I offer her a treat... so spoiled... lol!
Thanks for this generous giveaway!
Jo :)

bcgirll said...

What comes to mind for me, at the mention of french dogs, is my own dog's father - "Toulouse" who happens to be from Toulouse, France.

bcgirll said...

Ooops....should have posted me email addy
tooluckyducky AT hotmail DOT com

and noticed somone else posted that they have a do I...

Nancy Helvenston said...

I would love to share some of your photos on a FB community page I created and administer, Les Chiens de Paris. Love your page and your photos!! Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.