Friday, April 13, 2012

Are You Ready To Wear Ticking?

Yesterday I was wandering around Anthropologie. I had heard that their coral reef inspired windows were amazing (and they were). While there I noticed an entire wall seemed to have been inspired by the popular decorating trend of using vintage and antique French linen and sheeting.

Like these darling shorts! Wouldn’t they look great with a red top and espadrilles?


As is often the case, clothing designers and manufacturers often take their color and style cues from the interior design industry. A current example is the tremendous amount of orange clothing to be found which was no doubt influenced by Pantone’s color of the year, Tangerine Tango. I for one like the white linen trend which is featured beautifully via the Naudine dress.



As with any trend, just a touch is often enough. The pairing of a red ticking stripe against the cheery floral print found in the Lova skirt is just darling.



Being a pear shape I don’t really want to add any attention to my own hot pockets, but I enjoy looking at the buoy high waist trousers. I would however scoop up the Honfleur blouse in a hot minute if it was a bit more in my price point.



The blouse would look fantastic paired with the Brooks mini.



You can see the entire collection by Koto Bolofo HERE.  It is probably no secret that I love it all!



Happy shopping,



Fabulous French Fridays


Linda said...

Adorable - all of it. I love Anthropologie if only for their sales room! :)

Hope you enjoy an equally beautiful weekend.

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Linen is my favourite summertime fabric. I would love to wear the shorts if it weren't for the size of my hips and I would definitely take the white linen dress and pants and .............
I think it's time to focus on my weight and fitness before the northern hemisphere summer arrives.
Bisous from Down Under

Hi, I'm MarySue said...

I was at Anthro in Scottsdale yesterday at 10 a.m. Would be fun to "run into you" sometime.

Something Special said...

I love your French blog here. I also am looking into your other blog. Come say hi and see my French pillows.

French said...

Love the shorts, and every piece you have selected, for that matter! And for those who wonder, we are indeed still hoarding vintage French linens!

Auntie Em said...

Pretty clothes! Reminds me I need to go do some spring clothes shopping. Is it just me or do summer clothes wear out faster than winter's?