Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bijoux de Table

We've had a growing collection of French religious medals, based on Andrea's collection, and have been looking for a beautiful way to use them. Charms & lobster-claw keychains, we've prepared a lot. Today, inspiration struck, as the following display of 19-20C medals were hung, with beads and wire~
Maybe just hang them from the chandeliers; that's Joan of Arc, bottom left~
various semi-precious stones and vintage glass beads~
and pearls, lots of Baroque pearls~
strung with hand-dyed silk, edged on both sides, very delicately, here with a sterling silver cross~
we were thinking of these for necklaces or bracelets, here with extra beads and a simple medal; these were mostly assembled by Anne Masri from San Diego, who will be with us at the Rose Bowl this next weekend for custom piece work~
as a bracelet, they look great~
pretty and bowed; so many color combinations~
another shopper left with hers today, to go with her gold bracelet~
the silk ribbons are pretty, and all unique, hand-dyed~
but then we thought, why not on our vintage linens?
wouldn't these make the BEST holiday napkin ties?
and guests can take them home, wear them as necklaces, wrist wraps etc?
We will have them displayed too on candles next weekend, why not? And on Matteo linen Napkins you can get from Giannetti Home and Cargo & Company; here they are just on sample vintage ones~
This may be a limited run for us, it may have legs. We hope to sell them online in various price ranges. Prices will depend on the ribbon and the medals, they run the gamut in price range. Of course, as always, we aim to be in the reasonable price range, with high-end examples too. The silver (aluminum) medals are the least expensive at $2.

Idea in progress....we appreciate your feedback and there is still plenty of time before Christmas to accommodate your orders & ideas.....

Laura & Andrea


Robin Lee said...

These pieces are brilliantly done.I love them!Such uniqueness!Perfect time before the holidays to start sharing them!

Robin Lee said...

Do you have a site i could look at and possibly order from?

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):)

Sherri said...

Just gorgeous!!

TRay said...

I LOVE THESE!! What a wonderful idea---napkin/linen ties & then a wonderful gift for your guests!! I love the bracelet idea. Beautiful, beautiful!! Can't wait to see more.


Jackie said...

I just found you through Brooke's blog and am so excited!! I LOVE vintage French religious medals, so these are right up my alley and what a great idea to use them for napkin ties. Thank you! Looking forward to your online shop!!