Monday, October 4, 2010

Chemise d'Homme

Yes, linens can be masculine; M for Manly~

Given that our debut event is themed Homme, we will have lots of manly stuff for sure....

We're not thinking Brad Pitt, we're channeling Mister Bennett, btw Andrea would love to have that piece of Chinoiserie in the background~
here are two pieces on offer this weekend; an entirely hand-sewn man's shirt in linen; here the cuff detail~

a faded monogram....100+ years old. This is ancient.
here is the yoke at the back~
Laura and I have had our laughs about Which Mister Darcy; we both love Colin~and we would choose this for Mister Darcy, a lacy man's night shirt~

with hand sewn cuffs~
the yoke beneath the collar is fantastic~
here with the collar down~
We have dozens of pieces of linge du corps starting from $20 but will feature a few fine pieces such as these on our first day. Hope to see you there; comment please if you want us to contact you re specific pieces~ Laura & Andrea


julia said...

Good Morning new friends. I will admit to a horrible weakness for lovely table linens. My favorites are the ones my Grandmother and great Aunt had and are now mine. So, do post if things might be available on line for those of us in the midwest, who love linens too.
Thank you.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I love monogrammed vintage linens. I wonder what stories those shirts could tell! I agree with Julia and hope you will being selling on-line.
Hugs, Sherry

Karena said...

Linens, monogrammed, hemstitched, lace edging, I adore them all! very exciting!

Art by Karena

eowiin said...

I am always happy to see that in the united states , some peoples love french products. I love your blog ! Bise. eowiin