Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't Fall in Love

I admit, I felt a twinge today, as I prepared Brooke's lovely basket, full of Metis items, that she won on the Giveaway on Karena's Blog~
this Vintner's Cloth of metis is unusual, and super-soft; it is the best one we have in stock, and it came from Paris. Will we ever find one as nice as this? Hope so~
the little balance was also so's mechanism is perfect, and it came from Burgundy; should we keep it for a Christmas gift to someone dear?
No matter if you are in traditional or online retail, you deal with many of the same Do's & Don'ts; A big "Don't" in the industry is Don't fall in love with your merchandise. Sell it, or for us, find the perfect owner. Make your margins and move merchandise. I know that Brooke will be thrilled with her basket and goodies; they are perfect for her, and a wonderful finale to Karena's giveaway.
I hold certain pieces back for myself, or just because I don't see them often; like this nut-gathering basket, holding on to this~
and the harvest basket from Champagne; this was not expensive but that makes it easier to keep; Laura and I will use it for display, everything will be displayed in baskets, of course~
my other weakness is for anything tri-color (ignoring 19C anything and portraits, for the moment). Anything patriotic American or French; this enameled 19C plaque will be for sale soon, and I wonder if I should keep it, I love it~
oh and the fireman's helmets, also love those....they may become a collection, but for the moment, we will sell them :(
and did I mention the drum and accompanying drum sticks, with trimmings in laiton or French brass...We love these...
or the hemp tassels, will there be a place for them at some point, and will I ever find more of these in this large size??
Some pieces are non-negotiable. I will never sell the Liberation-era flag, which is now in residence in Beaune.
I am so happy to send Brooke's basket off to her, as it is appropriate & perfect for her; I know she will enjoy the contents, and I know that Laura & I will continue to source new merchandise. But you haven't even seen all of it yet; stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, Stopping in to wish you and Laura all the best. What a delightfully beautiful blog. I have so enjoyed browsing.

Tina said...

Hi Andrea. I found your beautiful blog through the lovely Karena. I am such a huge French linen and monogram addict. I ADORE Brooke's basket of goodies! Wishing you and Laura the very best for your business and blog, I will be following:) Happy weekend to you from Australia~ Tina.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Who could not fall in love with these French treasures? Beautiful.
I came by from Lauras blog. I will keep my eye on your lovely things because I am a new follower!
Beautiful and so luxurious~ I swoon over all monograms!

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Lovely, I can imagine the texture of these fine linens. Happy to be following :-)

freckled laundry said...

I'm with katherine above. Oh, how I want to feel that Vintner's cloth. I bet it's even more lovely up close. Such beautiful *authentic* French things. Thanks for sharing and best of luck to you.


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Lucky Brooke to receive this gorgeous basket full of French treasures. The linens are fabulous and I so love the little measure. I can see why you held on to the nut gathering charming!

Auntie Em said...

Care for and enjoy your treasures you just can't let go of and someday if you do decide they need a new owner, you have just added to their joy and heritage. Sometimes it's just too painful to let go of something that touches your heart and you can never find something that just makes your heart sing like it did!

Karena said...


I Love to hear your thoughts on this new adventure with Laura! So many beautiful items. I am constantly amazedat your finds.! Definitely keep those pieces which are near and dear to your heart!

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