Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dejuner des Antiquaires

If you have been to France, you can't help but notice that the antique dealers take a lunch break that is to die for. Tables set, crystal & argent massif; wine & excellent food, even if it is slightly pique-nique. There is usually a dog resting at their feet. The art of living thrives.

I've never dared take a photo of any of them, it is simply not done; though I have the images in my mind's eye. On Sunday, Laura and I set up our own version, including some Epoisse and Saint Andre cheese, grapes from the farmers market and baguette~

We had many shoppers come in pairs. Most of them said, "That looks so real!" thinking the cheeseboard was faux.....bien sur it was all real.

Most of them stopped for a bite. Pourqoi pas? It was a great lead into conversation. The exception was the Actress Andrea knows from Palisades; she came and bought, she is a waif and so cheese was not on her "to eat" list; she is a lovely person and it was great to see her again.

Towards the end of the day we had this shopper; she instantly recognized the display as real but she was shopping for fake. She collects fake food; she had a good laugh with us~

We had Perrier and apple cider too; up until the second World War, cider and beer were the most-consumed beverages in France, ahead of wine~

The labels are from the Paris flea; dated for the values in Francs~

They would be great set up in a kitchen; $20 the large, $10 the small;
check the Blogtique for stock~

At the end of the day, the Epoisse had melted a bit~

to remind of Dali's Persistence of Memory; though there are high-fallutin' ideas and interpretations including Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Dali said the work was in fact inspired by a melting piece of Camembert cheese.

Be sure to check out the previous post which feature pictures of the booth.
You will not be disappointed!


Karena said...

Andrea, I love that you featured one of Dali's most important works of art!! (as your booth was!)

Art by Karena

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

Lol~*Love it!! Looks like an amazing day~*Hugs, Rachel ;)