Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Candle How To

I love to find new ways to incorporate the easy French lifestyle into my home. The French love to create beautiful tablescapes using natural elements.

metis thanksgiving 005 

Everything tastes better by candlelight. The embellished votives and hurricane’s are simple to make…

metis thanksgiving 032

…and a visual feast for the eyes.

metis thanksgiving 049

You begin with a piece of vintage métis linen that fits around the glass cylinder of your choice. Top it with a slightly thinner piece of linen in a lighter or contrasting color. After you layer the linen pieces on top of each other you can also add a thin piece of velvet.

metis candle how to 016

Roll all three pieces around the glass then secure the fabric closed with a small straight pin. (You may also use double sided tape or for a permanent solution, use fabric or hot glue.)

metis candle how to 038

You can then embellish further by using various hand dyed silk ribbons and vintage French medals.  

metis candle how to 046

The finished candle holders look so lovely.

metis thanksgiving 071

To make the holiday season easier for you we have assembled a few inexpensive candle kits available in our Metis Linens Blogtique.

metis candle how to 033



* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

Such a great idea Laura!! Hugs, Rachel ;)

Karena said...

Really beautiful Laura!!

I love the look of these French candles.


Art by Karena

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Lovin these!!!!How clever!!!!!Great job!!!Maryanne ;)