Monday, November 1, 2010

Métis Linens Blogtique

We recently had a fashion shoot featuring our French antique and vintage linen and cotton chemises.

metis chemise 120

We opted not to use professional models as we believe all women~ of all shapes, sizes and colors are beautiful. But our Metis Mademoiselles are quite fetching, oui?

metis chemise 119

You might recognize Laura’s daughter, The Fashionista, as the dark haired lass shown here with Monsieur Rudi. The Fashionista added her own “je ne cest quoi” to Laura’s photo shoot concept. Style comes easily to her as she is a recent fashion design graduate.

metis chemise 182 

A true French beauty, Arika Rovillard, kept us authentic. Mademoiselle Rovillard is also a master stylist at Scottsdale’s Urban Outfitters.

metis chemise 189 

The Metis shopkeepers were faced with how to market antique chemises. A first thought on how to make them modern was to hand dye the pieces in various shades of gray and pink.

metis chemise 050

While the concept of underwear as outerwear is not new, the fresh idea of adding tights, t’s and belts to make the chemises winter wearable wonderful is.

 metis chemise 051 

The chemises are not just for the junior set. 40 something's and beyond can also wear the look without looking like mutton dressed as lamb.

metis chemise 030

Of course any time a camera is involved there are out takes.

Here Arika aims to make the photo shoot a one modeled affair.

metis chemise 059

Shiny happy people in a soybean field but then Arika lost her legs.

metis chemise 105

This is the response I got when I asked for “soft and pretty”.

metis chemise 132

Laughter ensued.

metis chemise 135

Monsieur Rudi kept wandering into the shots and I finally tied a pink ribbon around him so he would be close up ready.

metis chemise 170 

While seated I had noticed a cobweb in the upper window. With Halloween over I opted to remove it. The Fashionista said we should capture the Donna Reed moment.

metis chemise 024

Because of course I always look like this when I clean.

metis chemise 020

For more information on the chemises please visit the Le Magasin de Métis blogtique.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful young women and oh Rudi, you are so handsome! Laura aka Donna, you look divine dusting!!!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Too funny!
The models look gorgeous!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh yes. Definitely! I clean in my heals and pearls too. Well, wait a minute. I don't have pearls. I don't wear heals. Oh yes, and I clean only moments before the house is ready to get up and walk away! So, maybe not! But so fun to watch someone else do it!

Great pics, and lovely girls!


The Boston Lady said...

Love all the pretty pictures with the especially pretty models (and handsome Rudi). These pictures captured the essence of your products very well. Ann

French said...

Looks like tons o' fun!!!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

laura, You are too cute and your models are adorable.
xo, Sherry

April said...

i thought the "laughter ensued" picture was QUITE "soft and pretty"!
they look quite girly--in a giggly kind of way.
beautiful photos!