Friday, November 5, 2010

Visual Vamp Auction - Mister Darcy Shirt!

What we really need now,
to amp up the fundraiser for Valorie,
is something highly desirable,
something that every woman would want.
Darn it, why didn't I ask Paxton for his phone number?
Colin Firth would also do...
but alas I do not think this is possible
for Sunday night delivery~ In lieu of Paxton or Colin,
Laura & I would like to offer for bids
the FAVORITE shirt in the house...
the Mister Darcy
vintage French cotton & lace
chemise de nuit~
The detail on the front is amazing~
You could put your man to bed
in 19C style in this beauty;
after all, it is a Man's Nightshirt.
here is the cuff detail ~
Stiched by hand and totally lovely;
I know a woman who would love to wear this....
What did she say,
with boots and a belt?
Here is the detail of the yoke,
across the back under the collar~
of note, there is very slight damage to the lace,
in just a few places
but nothing to detract from its beauty.
Value: $125. +
Here is the front collar detail~

This is a fantastic piece, not to miss!
Comment here to leave a bid
bids have been extended through Sunday November 14th.

It's all for good,
towards Valorie & Alberto's trip Home!
Please visit
for more information
regarding Valorie, Alberto
& the Online Auction Fundraiser
hosted by Laura of Decor to Adore!


French said...

I'm thinking of giving this to someone, so I'm going to start here at $20....

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I think this is a beauty! I'm going to bid $30 ; )

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Didn't have time to put anything together to help so I'll put in some bids. I'll take us up to $30.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful! I'd like to wear this myself! $35.00.

The Boston Lady said...

The words Colin Firth and Mr.Darcy uttered in the same post just make me crazy!!! $40.00. Y'all r such teases!

Karena said...

Karena is at $45. This is equisite!!

Come and enter my new Giveaway....I know you will love it!!

Art by Karena

Blue Creek Home said...

Love it --- $50.00

Jerry said...

I would love to win this for a friend who belongs to a Jane Austin club and recently loaned me a VHS of Pride and Prejudice.

French said...

Bidding has ended for the Mister Darcy; congratulations and thank you Rhonda of Blue Creek Home!